MX_033 – 9001  Outstanding Accuracy and Dynamics due to Flexures

Very High Precision XYZ parallel kinematics Flexure’s Stage



Parallel kinematic design

Flexure guides

Fast positioning

Scanning frequencies > 10 Hz
(control depending)

Single axis travel range ±2.25 mm

Cubic cartesian volume ±1.15 mm



MX_033 – 9001

Thanks to the flexures’s bearings, this XYZ stage has intrinsically an outstanding precision, reliability and dynamics. Absolutely free of friction, wear and backlash, this device perfectly fit clean rooms and vacuum requirements. Based on a delta parallel kinematics, the MX_033-9001 is an attractive solution for lifetime and maintenance-free positioner. The minimum incremental motion is not mechanically limited and is, according with the sensor resolution, in nanometer range.

Magnetic Direct Drive and Optical linear scale version
The voice-coil drives combined with an optical linear scale, makes this device completely friction and mechanical play free.The drives for super-smooth velocity and position control fit also for high velocity and acceleration requirements.

Rotative DC motor version
For less demanding dynamics characteristics, a version with rotative DC motors is also available.

Absolute linear encoders are available for both versions as standard options.

Fields of application
Industry and research with very high accuracy, dynamic, cleanliness requirements.

Motion and position
Active axisXYZXYZ
Single axis stroke5.55.5mm
Cubic cartesian volume±1.15±1.15mm
Integrated sensorAbsolute linear encoderAbsolute linear encoder
Sensor resolution11nm
Min. incremental motion550nm
Unidirectional repeatability0.10.2μm
Bidirectional repeatability0.20.4μm
Max Speed507.5mm/s
Mechanical properties
Load capacity in Z0.20.5kg
Overall mass55kg
Drive properties
Drive typevoice-coilRotative DC
Voltage @FP16.824V
Current @FP5.80.19A
Force contant76N/A
Peak force FP4450N
Continuous force13.850N
Actuator constant4.46N/W0.5
Electric time constant0.258ms
Power @FP97.26W
Thermal resistance13.14/24.5°C/W
Max winding temp.150125°C
Housing materialSteinless steelSteinless steel
Operating temperature18-2818-28°C