MX_079 – 9205 – 100 Direct Drive XY Stage

High Precision Direct Drive XY Stage with Aperture



Fast scanning and positioning

Travel range 103×103 mm

Max Speed to 500 mm/s

Max Acceleration to 1.5g

Bidirectional repeatability to 0.4µm

High resolution absolute linear encoder

Long life recirculating linear ball bearing guides

MX_079 – 9205
Long live recirculating linear ball bearing guides are distinguished by a beneficial combination of high load capacity, lifetime, maintenance-free operation, and guiding accuracy. This make the MX_079-9205 an attractive solution for high precision industrial applications such as laser machining.

Magnetic Direct Drive
The ironless magnetic drives used in the direct transmission, apply the force directly to the movable part without any friction and practically without cogging . This avoids several undesirable effects limiting the precision, like non-linearities or mechanical play. Ironless magnetic drives are suitable for high velocity and acceleration.

High resolution absolute linear encoder
Direct position measurement with absolute linear encoders are available as standard options. The direct measure of the position consents to reach high accuracy and enable minimum incremental motion down to 50 nm and sub-micrometre repeatability. An optional factory calibration to improve positioning accuracy is also available.

Fields of application
Industry and research with High dynamic requirements.

Motion and position
Active axisX-Y
Travel range220 x 220mm
Integrated sensorAbsolute optical EnDat 2.2 Optical 1 Vpp (optional)
Sensor resolution1nmEnDat 2.2
Min. incremental motion50nm
Bidirectional repeatability±0.3μmTyp
Orthogonality ±30
Pitch±60 μradTyp
Yaw±60 μradTyp
Flatness±2 μmTyp
Straightness±2 μmTyp
Max Speed500mm/s
Max Acceleration15mm/s2
Mechanical properties
Moving mass X22.5kg
Moving mass Y10.5kg
Load capacity in Z5kg
Drive properties
Drive typeIronless 3-phases motor
Operating voltage MAX300V
Peak current X / Y22 / 11Arms
Continuous current X / Y6.4 / 3.2Arms
Peak force X / Y800 / 400N
Continuous force X / Y232 / 116N
Motor force constante X / Y72.6 / 72.6N/Arms
Motor constante X / Y190 / 96N2/W
Housing materialAluminium black anodized
Operating temperature18-28°C