MX_099 – 9000 – Outstanding Accuracy and Dynamics due to Flexures

Very High Precision Flexure’s Linear Stage



Fast scanning and positioning

Travel range 6 mm

Optical Linear Scale 1Vpp

Nominal force 10N

Transverses stiffness ~50N/µm

Eighen frequencies >400Hz

Min. incremental motion < 1nm

MX_099 – 9000

Thanks to the flexures’s linear guides, this linear stage has intrinsically an outstanding precision, reliability and dynamics. Absolutely free of friction, wear and backlash, this device perfectly fit clean rooms and vacuum requirements. The robust design insures high spatial stiffness in all transvers directions and very high eigen frequencies required for high dynamics applications. The minimum incremental motion is not mechanically limited and is, according with the sensor resolution, in sub-nanometre range.

Magnetic Direct Drive and Optical linear scale
The voice-coil drives combined with an optical linear scale, makes this device completely friction free and according with sub nanometre sensor resolutions, the minimum incremental motion is also in the same sub-nanometre field.

Fields of application
Industry and research with very high accuracy, dynamic, cleanliness requirements.

Motion and position
Active axisX
Travel range6mm
Integrated sensorNoncontact linear enc.,
Sensor resolution<1nm
Min. incremental motion<1nm
Unidirectional repeatabilityμm
Bidirectional repeatabilityμm
Horizontal Straightness1μm
Vertical Straightness1μm
Max Speedmm/s
Max Acceleration
Mechanical properties
Load capacity in Z5N
Drive properties
Drive typevoice-coil
Housing materialSteinless steel
Operating temperature18-28°C